Homestyle Pasta Platform – Development

Homestyle Pasta Platform

Homestyle Pasta Platform

Creating emotional desire for pasta is a whole different exercise than doing the same for a product like a smartphone. While digital products appeal to the consumer who needs to be up on the hottest technology, pasta’s appeal is more about home-style authenticity. This is especially true for Millennials who have made craft-style products some of the biggest sellers. Developing a new design architecture for a family of pasta brands offers a unique challenge. A legacy company can own a lot of individual brands, each of which markets to a particular region. So how do you create a global architecture that allows each brand its own personality?

Creative Flexibility Can Go a Long Way

Riviana partnered with WFM to create a design architecture that any pasta product within their network of brands could use. The goal was to introduce the new innovation that helps consumers share authentic flavors they can feel good about and serve as a simple and unpretentious upgrade to their favorite recipes. We created a story around a pasta with two simple ingredients in order to connect with a younger demographic, while maintaining their broad based appeal.

We worked with our client’s in-house design group to build out SKUs of differentiated product offerings for three of their brands, led by Ronzoni. The system is flexible enough for each brand to express elements of their own personality while maintaining the authentic, home-style qualities of the product. Now, consumers of all demographics are keeping Mom’s cooking tradition, but with an updated look and feel. Best of all, the platform has been picked up in the majority of grocery retail channels.